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Fragile Roofs

Fragile Roofs

WalkSafe fall proof covers

When access is needed onto a fragile roof or adjacent to fragile roof lights, WalkSafe fall proof covers provide passive collective protection whilst also eliminating the fall hazard in designated areas. Once installed, the WalkSafe fall proof covers require neither training nor specialist PPE, thus eliminating the possibility of user error. They can be used adjacent to walkways on either flat or pitched fragile roofs and to cover fragile roof lights them selves.

Manufactured from recycled PVCu  and constructed on a 50 mm bearer the WalkSafe fall proof covers feature a contrasting red strip to indicate the start of a fragile surface; highlighting to system users the need for care and attention whilst working in these areas.

Rooflight Cover

Supplied with a galvanized finish, the fully adjustable rooflight cover provides protection against falls through fragile rooflights where regular access is required. As no fixings are required to the roofing membrane or to the rooflight itself then the units may be used as either a temporary or permanent installation.

The length of the telescopic sides and height of the vertical supports are adjusted to the required size allowing adjustability to suit specific rooflights. The standard unit can be used to protect fragile rooflights up to 1200mm x 1200mm, with height adjustment up to a maximum of 700mm.  For larger rooflights we are also able to provide additional components to increase the overall size.