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Overhead cable systems

Overhead Cable Based Mansafe Systems

A thorough knowledge of fall arrest load control combined with the innovative Constant Force technology by Latchways provides a solution that is flexible to use, strong and durable. Workers attached to the overhead ManSafeĀ® system have maximum accessibility and hands-free mobility to safely go about their duties.

With a ManSafeĀ® overhead system, Constant Force technology is housed in an in-line energy absorber. In the event of a fall by a worker connected to the system, the Latchways Transfastener instantly locks on the cable to arrest the fall while the Constant Force energy absorber controls the load on the system to a maximum of 18 kN for up to three operatives falling simultaneously. The system allows single spans of up to 60 metres thereby reducing the number of intermediate anchorage points within the system.


Constant Force

Latchways' use of patented Constant Force technology in the unique Constant Force Post simplifies system design and installation and so differentiates a Latchways fall protection system from virtually all others.

Constant force is defined as: "the mechanism used to provide a consistent method of absorbing mechanical energy and controlling tension within the system to a pre-determined constant force".

The Latchways Constant Force Post has an integral energy absorbing coil that, in the event of a fall, deploys in a controlled manner to absorb the force generated. In doing so it ensures that the load exerted on the point of attachment will not exceed 10 kN and so allows the post to be fixed to a relatively delicate structure without the additional requirement to attach to structural steel or purlins.

Key Features of the Latchways Constant Force Post:

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