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Eyebolts and single point anchors

Eyebolts / Single Point Anchors

Fall Arrest/Restraint eyebolts are typically used where access from inside a building is needed to carry out external work such as window cleaning or maintenance. Eyebolts may be fixed into floors, walls or ceilings providing a fixed anchor to which personnel can attach a lanyard in order to safely carry out their work.

Gravity Solutions Limited offer fixed and removable eyebolts ranging from the conventional mild steel galvanized variety to the more aesthetically pleasing stainless steel, through to the more subtle removable eyebolt thus allowing the opportunity to choose a discrete window safety system without compromising interior design.

Fixing to concrete, masonry, steel work and timber eyebolts may be placed either internally or externally, depending on application, and may be used for fall restraint, fall arrest and for work positioning such as industrial roped access.

Single Point Anchors

Conventional eyebolts
Available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and white  plastic coated and special RAL colours to order

Available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and white  plastic coated and special RAL colours to order

Socket cap available in brass finish, stainless steel and a range of colours

Industrial Roped Access Anchors
Fixed directly to structure or by means of fabricated mounting posts and bracketry

A slope mounted fall arrest roof anchor for use on most types and sizes of timber roof support which provides a combination fall arrest anchor, ladder hook and crawling board clamp for the attachment of harnesses and to secure items such as roof ladders, crawling boards and work platforms.

Free Standing Single Point Anchor
Where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures. The free standing Constant Force anchor may be positioned on a wide range of roof surfaces without the need to either penetrate the structure or to subsequently weatherproof. Constant Force technology is contained within the anchor device which consists of a galvanised steel frame and galvanised steel weights bolted in a circular formation onto rubber coated base weights. In the event of a fall, the Constant Force Post deploys to limit the load on the system while the weights simultaneously create a friction anchor between the unit and the roof surface.

Ladder Ties
Ladder ties remove the need for a second person to foot a ladder by means of providing anchors to which to secure the ladder directly to the structure on which the ladder is to bear. Two ladder ties are fixed to the structure, one to either side of the designated ladder position. The ladder is then secured to the ties by means of a strap with a quick release camming buckle.