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Gravity Solutions Limited offer free standing demarcation systems which, when installed in an appropriate environment, provide a cost effective means of collective protection around items of plant, equipment and fragile roof areas.

In accordance with the hierarchy of control, as set out within the Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005, the free standing demarcation system is classed as a form of collective protection when the system is positioned at a safe distance from any fall hazard, normally at a distance greater than 2 metres.

The D-marcâ„¢105 rooftop demarcation system is wind tunnel tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 105 mph by the BRE. The stability of the system is due to the unique design of its base and upright which eliminates any potential oscillation thus alleviating roof surface damage.

The system uprights comprise of lattice structures which ensure that the wind circulates around and through the system rather than pushing it over. The system bases are of a trapezoidal shape which, aerodynamically designed, was shown to be the most stable design during extensive wind tunnel testing. The underside of the base is sculpted ensuring the weight is distributed to its perimeter therefore minimising the effect of wind uplift.

The demarcation system may be utilized as a stand alone system or integrated with other products such as guardrails and walkways.